TransPhoR, a spart of the BMBF-research program “Regional Phosphor-Recycling“ (RePhoR)


The BMBF FONA program RePhoR aims at creating knowledge and expertise for phosphorus recovery on a large-scale for implementing the amended Sewage Sludge Ordinance. The aim is to develop innovative and economically sound ways to recycle phosphate and to reduce the need to import phosphate, which is a finite resource. The seven individual regional projects shall develop and realize integrated concepts for recycling secondary phosphates as a fertilizer in agriculture or raw material for industrial processes. These concepts shall act as blue prints for other regions under similar conditions.

The Ministry is funding seven multidisciplinary projects and one networking and coordination group. Each individual project is subdivided into individual sub-projects and work packages where participants from science, industry and practice collaborate to finally implement processes for efficient P recycling and ways to put them into practice. The networking and transfer project TransPhoR is meant to coordinate the individual projects to comply with the new sewage sludge ordinance and to implement P recycling technologies, test the resulting products and transfer the gained knowledge for the respective community.

HGoTECH GmbH is project partner within this co-ordination project and has the responsibility to further develop a standardized plant test for P bioavailability and assess the products resulting from the individual RePhoR projects. In addition, we coordinate the cross-sectoral topic “Products and Markets” together with our project partners.

Project partners within TransPhoR:

  • Research Institute for Water and Waste Management at the RWTH Aachen University (FiW) e. V.
  • The Institute of Sustainability in Civil Engineering (INaB)
  • Tuttahs & Meyer Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH