Our mission


The HGoTECH group has been founded to carry out research in the following areas:

  • Plant nutrition
  • Fertilizer development and application
  • Efficacy and mode of action of biologically active compounds
  • Nutrient recycling
  • Improving stress tolerance of crops
  • Organismic interactions in field and greenhouses
  • Plant pathology and integrated pest management
  • Disease diagnostics, including use of modern sensors
  • … and further related topics!

For our customers, we develop approaches and concepts to solve basic and applied research questions, such as

  • Development, improvement and testing of fertilizers
  • Studies to optimize fertilizer application
  • Assessment of nutrient efficiency, nutrient uptake and distribution following foliar application
  • Optimizing foliar nutrient application
  • Assessment of nutrient release and efficiency from secondary (raw) materials
  • Assessment of the release of toxic substances and their mode of action
  • Invigoration of plants through bioactive compounds and their effects on growth and yield
  • Improvement of stress tolerance and physiological adaptation
  • Plant pathology and integrated pest and disease management
  • Pathogenesis of fungi and host pathogen interactions
  • Development of innovative plant protection strategies and biocontrol agents
  • Microscopic techniques and non-invasive sensor application
  • Online-data evaluation of root and shoot growth

All research is carried out according to the rules of good scientific and laboratory practice.