Our expertise


We have collected a broad spectrum of expertise during decades of basic and applied research, carry out peer reviews for high ranking international journals and funding agencies, and are well linked into national and international research networks.

Selected publications of the group

  • Antonini S, Arias MA, Eichert T, Clemens J (2012): Greenhouse evaluation and environmental impact assessment of different urine-derived struvite fertilizers as phosphorus sources for plants. Chemosphere 89: 1202–1210
  • Berdugo CA, Mahlein, AK, Steiner U, Dehne HW, Oerke, EC (2013): Sensors and imaging techniques for the assessment of the delay of wheat senescence induced by fungicides. Functional Plant Biology 40 (7) 677-689
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    characterization of plant-pathogen interactions. Plant Methods 11, Doi: 10.1186/s13007-015-0073-7.
  • Leucker M, Mahlein AK, Steiner U, Oerke EC (2016): Improvement of lesion phenotyping in Cercospora beticola-sugar beet interaction by hyperspectral imaging. Phytopathology 106 (2) 177-184.
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