„RhamnoLizer“, funded by the special program „Environmental Economy Northrhine Westfalia, Program Part 1: Research, Development and Innovation”

PT-J/ MULNV NRW Fkz: UW-01-055

The objective of the project RhamnoLizer is the development of environmentally friendly foliar fertilizers which do not contain synthetic and persistent components and which simultaneously help to reduce the use of biocides.

Rhamnolipids (RL) are bacterial glycolipids with very good tenside properties. They are already used in e.g. personal care products and for decontamination. The big advantage of RL is that they are easily decomposed and of multiple use. They may replace certain antibiotics and act as biofortificants against abiotic stresses like drought, heat, and cold. Simultaneously, RL may prevent the establishment of fungal diseases. The group of Molecular Phytomedicine at INRES, University of Bonn, has already proven the ability to prevent the attack of phytopathogenic nematodes.

A mixture of different synthetic adjuvants is often used in preparations for foliar fertilizers and pesticides. In our project we develop adjuvants on basis of defined RLs, which act as environmentally friendly foliar fertilizers with decomposable complexing agents. Simultaneously, they act as environmentally safe biostimulants which in addition may replace synthetic adjuvants.

Project partners:

  • University of Bonn, INRES – Molecular Phytomedicine
  • RWTH Aachen, Institute of Applied Microbiology