HGoTECH Crop Research


HGoTECH GmbH is a spin off founded from the Institute of Crop Research and Resource Conservation (INRES) of the University of Bonn, Germany.

We started specialising on research in plant nutrition and fertilizer application, project development and coordination, thriving on decades of experience in all areas of applied and basic plant nutrition. Considering that plant health has to take into account both – a well-balanced nutrient supply as well as a good control of pests and diseases – we have broadened our expertise by collaborating with outstanding scientists in this area.

Our group thrives on actual knowledge about

  • Development of project concepts
  • Heading and guiding inter- and multidisciplinary research consortia
  • Physiological, metabolic and molecular aspects of biotic and abiotic plant stresses
  • Detailed knowledge on physical, chemical, biochemical and biological processes on foliar surfaces
  • Nutrient uptake and translocation, plant – ecosystem – interactions, physiological modes of action and environmental impacts
  • Applied and basic aspects of nutrient recycling in agriculture and horticulture
  • Organismic interactions between beneficial organisms and crops
  • Modern IT expertise, online-data evaluation of growth processes of root and shoot growth
  • Plant pathology and plant disease diagnostic, pathogenesis of fungi and host pathogen interactions
  • Integrated pest management in greenhouse and field environments
  • Sensor application for disease diagnostics